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A day with TileCache: generating KML Super-Overlays

Posted: August 06, 2008
Categories: TMS, GIS, SharpMap, WMS, Python, MetaCarta, kml, FeatureServer, devs, Apache, MapServer, TileCache, OpenLayers, GeoServer, Tutorials, GDAL, Uncategorized
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My friend Diego Guidi is the smartest GIS/.NET developer I personally know here in Italy. He is the developer of NetTopologySuite, the port in the .NET world of the popular Java's JTS Topology Suite from VIVID Solutions. I wanted, sooner or later, write some stuff here about WMS and TMS, and now I am very happy that Diego asked me to publish this brilliant article about this topic.First of all, let me thanks Paolo for hosting this post! I hope that this article can be interesting and useful like other stuff that you can find here...IntroductionThere are a lot of...
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A day with FeatureServer #2

Posted: May 03, 2008
Categories: OpenStreetMap, Web2.0, GIS, WMS, Windows, Twitter, PostGIS, devs, Python, OpenLayers, FeatureServer, Ubuntu, WFS, Flickr, Uncategorized
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In the previous post we have seen an introduction to FeatureServer, and we were just playing with the base edit sample, with the scribble layer.Now it is time to use FeatureServer with our datasets: I am assuming that you will want to create FeatureServer services for shapefiles, PostGIS layers, OpenStreetMap, Twitter and Flickr.Data preparation for this demo1) shapefilesIf you want to follow my steps, you can download the sample shapefiles of New York I was using to assemble this demo here: select New York as a state and then as a county, and download the Block Groups and the Roads,...
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A day with FeatureServer #1

Posted: February 21, 2008
Categories: Python, GIS, gvSIG, WMS, Windows, uDig, PostGIS, devs, QGIS, FeatureServer, Ubuntu, Apache, WFS
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Some friends already spoke me well about FeatureServer by Metacarta in the last weeks, so I already was waiting for having a bit of time to get started with it. Then James posted this on his blog, and my curiosity was definitely fired.So I decided to spend a day for installing and testing it, without thinking of the lack of documentation (FeatureServer is still a young project, so no wonder here if the only way to get infos is digging in the source code and posting to the mailing list). The day I considered to spend on it then spawned...
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