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Playing with the Esri File Geodatabase and the Google Fusion Tables GDAL drivers

Posted: January 10, 2012
Categories: GIS, GFT, GDAL
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Today in the GDAL mailing list Frank Warmerdam has announced that GDAL 1.9.0 has finally been released.Being a major new release, it offers many new features, but what I was waiting for is the support for Esri File GDB and Google Fusion Table.So I couldn't resist to install it and giving a try.For using the File Geodatabase driver I had to dowload the Esri File Geodatabase API (you need to be registered for downloading it).It was then just a matter of setting the value of the library path in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable, and using the --with-fgdb GDAL configuration option when...
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Managing documentation's translations with Open Source tools

Posted: January 05, 2012
Categories: Sphinx, GIS, po4a, reST
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Today together with Paolo Cavallini, I have been trying to figure out a workflow for managing documentation's translations for QGIS.There are many tools for managing documentation workflows out there: a common approach to which I have been exposed by following both the Python and the OSGeo communities is to keep the documentation source files in the reStructured Text markup format, and to generate the end user documentation with tools like docutils and Sphinx to a bunch of different formats (i.e. html, odt, pdf, latex... just to name a few).Python documentation itself and two wide spread GIS projects like MapServer and...
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