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A quick look at the WFS GDAL Driver

Posted: March 23, 2011
Categories: Python, WFS, GIS, GDAL, OGR
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If you have ever tried to interact with a WFS (via a browser, or curl, or OpenLayers or whatever), you are fully aware that it has alway been a pain to interact with, and until now the only Python library that made life simpler was the excellent OWSlib by Sean Gillies (that, BTW, will deserve itself another post at this blog in the next weeks).But since some weeks, from the release of the GDAL version 1.8.0, a new toolset is available to GIS users and developers via the new included GDAL WFS Driver (that will now make good company to...
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Compiling GDAL with Oracle Spatial support

Posted: March 22, 2011
Categories: Oracle Spatial, GeoDjango, GIS, GDAL
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These are my quick notes for installing Oracle Instant Client on a Linux box (currently I have tested this on a Ubuntu 10.10 64 bit box and with Oracle 11.2 and GDAL 1.8.0), and then configuring GDAL for using Oracle (OCI and GeoRaster drivers support).Finally I will show how to configure GeoDjango to use an Oracle spatial database by using the Cx_Oracle Python library.First download Oracle Client files from here or here if you are on a 64 bit architecture.You need to download the following 3 zip archives:~/software/oracle$ instantclient-sqlplus-linux-x86-64- extract the archives to a location...
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Why I have moved my blog to Blogofile

Posted: March 09, 2011
Categories: Python, blogofile, GIS
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So, after five years of blogging I have sent my Wordpress blog to pension and I have moved my blog to Blogofile.You may wonder why I have moved my blog from a spread and fully featured platform to an almost unknown exotic one.Basically I wanted to have the following advantages:Python framework, with the possibility to write in this language plugins and extensionsability to write my blog posts offline, in a markup format like REST or Markdown, with viblog system able to generate static content from the posts written in the markup language, in a Sphinx fashion, without the overhead of...
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