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Installing PostGIS on Ubuntu

Posted: January 30, 2008
Categories: GIS, gvSIG, QGIS, uDig, PostGIS, devs, Ubuntu
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With this post I will show how to install PostGIS 1.2.1 on Postgres 8.2.5 in Ubuntu 7.10 (but this procedure should work also for previous PostGIS/Postgres/Ubuntu versions) from repositories.I will also show you how to load and secure GIS data and how to access them with some cool OS GIS Client (QGIS, UDig and gvSIG).If you use this instructions together with my previous post, you will have a fully functional GIS Server Open Source Ubuntu workstation!-1- Install PostgresIf you haven't Postgres, you need to install it (PostGIS runs on top of it). Open an Ubuntu terminal, and type:sudo apt-get install...
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Installing MapServer on Ubuntu

Posted: January 10, 2008
Categories: GIS, devs, MapServer, Ubuntu, Apache, Uncategorized
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With this post I will show hot to install MapServer 4.10.3 in Ubuntu 7.10 (but this procedure should work also for previous Ubuntu versions) from repositories.1) set Ubuntu sources needed for this softwareAdd universe ( ) and multiverse repositories to your sources (by default are not in Ubuntu)sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.listand uncomment this two lines:deb gutsy-security main restricted universe multiversedeb-src gutsy-security main restricted universe multiversesave the sources.list file and then then update your sources:sudo apt-get update2) Install MapServernow download and install MapServer:sudo apt-get install cgi-mapserver mapserver-bin mapserver-doc php5-mapscript python-mapscriptMapServer 4.10.3 will be installed (latest of MapServer 4.x serie,...
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Installing Zope and Plone from source on Ubuntu in 10 easy steps

Posted: January 02, 2008
Categories: devs, Zope, CMS, Plone, Ubuntu
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Here are my notes for installing Zope and Plone from source in Ubuntu. I took this notes installing on 7.10 (Gutsy) but should work without problems for earlier Ubuntu versions, and for other Linux platforms-1- install libraries needed for build (build-essential) and Zope-2- download zope 2.10.5 and plone 3.0.4wget unzip the downloaded filestar -xvzf Zope-2.10.5-final.tgztar -xvzf Plone-3.0.4.tar.gz-4- create the makefile and set the prefixcd Zope-2.10.5-finalway1:./configuregedit makefile and set prefix=/opt/Zope-2.10.5or way2 (simpler): ./configure --prefix=/opt/Zope-2.10.5-5- Install Zope (at the location set in prefix)sudo make install-6- create an user for zope not run as suggested: "Now run '/opt/Zope-2.10.5/bin/'" but create an...
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