Paolo Corti, Thinking in GIS

I have been glued (without hope of freedom) to a computer since the early 80’s when I have been developing some Zork-like adventure games on my Commodore Vic20/64/Amiga 1000. I landed in GIS in the late 90’s, writing some (now museum-worthy) AML code for ARC/INFO and then migrating to ArcObjects and finally to Open Source GIS.

I have been now working for more than 15 years in the geospatial industry: after working with proprietary solutions for some years, in 2006 I finally proudly switched to open source technologies and Python.

I am a Geospatial Engineer Fellow at the Center for Geographic Analysis of the University of Harvard and in the past I worked as a software architect, developer and analyst for organizations such as UN World Food Programme, EU Joint Research Centre and the Italian Government.

I am an OSGeo Charter member and member of the pycsw and GeoNode Project Steering Committees. I am co-author of the PostGIS Cookbook by Packt.

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