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Paolo Corti, Thinking in GIS

I am a GIS fanatic living in Rome, Italy. I have been glued (without hope of freedom) to a computer since the early 80's when I have been developing some Zork-like adventure games on my Commodore Vic20/64/Amiga 1000.
I landed in GIS in the late 90's, after having completed my studies in Environmental Engineering, writing some (now museum-worthy) AML code for ARC/INFO and then migrating to ArcObjects and finally to Open Source GIS.
After working for Esri until 2002, I have switched to open source software, and I have been working for organizations such as EU Joint Research Center, UN World Food Programme and the Italian Government.
I have extensive experience both as a GIS analyst and as a GIS developer, and currently I am working in the context of the GeoNode project, for which I am a core developer, for supporting humanitarian emergencies.
I am an OSGeo charter member, and I am one of the authors of the PostGIS cookbook.

This web site is deployed using the Blogofile Python platform, and cannot be hacked, it is extremely fast and has inexpensive host as it is just plain html rendered from reStructured Text sources. If you want to know why I have opted for this solution instead than using Wordpress like almost everyone on the earth, here you will find a short explanation.

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