22 August 2017

FOSS4G 2017 came to Boston last week and since I am living in Cambridge, MA since two years now, I can definitely say that I have been so lucky to have this great conference at home :)

The conference was great as usual, and it was the right time to directly meet with other members of the OSGeo community. I enjoyed listening to several talks, some of them were really interesting.

I have been involved directly in the conference, as I gave one workshop and one talk this year.

The workshop we gave, named Building SDIs and geoportals with GeoNode and a search engine, is related to the work we are doing at Harvard CGA with GeoNode and Solr within the context of the WorldMap and Hypermap Registry projects. In the workshop there is a rich introduction to this argument with plenty of tutorials to GeoNode, OGC standards, GeoServer, GeoWebCache, pycsw, PostGIS, Solr and Celery/RabbiMQ. In case you are interested to go through this material, I uploaded everything online. You can follow the documentation (tutorials) here and you can also have a look at the git repository.

The talk we gave, Maintaining spatial data infrastructures (SDIs) using distributed task queues, is about how we added a task queue, based on Celery and RabbitMQ, in the context of our SDI and which are the benefits. In case you are interested you may check out the slides of the talk

On Saturday I attended the GeoNode code sprint, and it was the right time to discuss with other developers and users like @simo_d, @francbartoli, @dufour_pj, @tzotsos, @ortelius, @ingenieroariel, @disruptivegeo, @tomgertin and @dimitris_karako about the future of this great platform.

Last but not least I am really glad that Andrea Aime (aka @geowolf) got the Sol Katz Award this year. He is an incredibly active developer in the GeoServer and GeoTools community, I have been listening to his great talks at the conferences in the last few years, and he is constantly giving great help on the mailing lists of these projects. Definitely really well deserved, congratulations again, Andrea!

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